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Fania Brantsovskaja celebrates 100th birthday!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Fania for a long time has been a Vilnius legend. Her heroic life has inspired many young people to make films and write articles about her, and most importantly, Fania has managed to pass on her natural yet devoted love of the Yiddish language and culture. Because of her, many people were imbued with the great past of Vilnius, Lithuania's Jerusalem, and learned about the outstanding personalities who created Jewish culture here - literature, science, art, education, the press, and book publishing.

Fania was born in Kaunas in 1922 into the Yokheles family. Her family moved to Vilnius in 1927. In 1941 Fania and her family were imprisoned in the Vilnius ghetto. Fania joined the FPO (fareynikte partizaner-organizatciye - a united partisan organization). On the day of the liquidation of the ghetto, September 23, 1943, Fania managed to escape from the ghetto and join the partisan group "Ha-nokem" (the avenger). After the liberation of the city, in July 1944, Fania returned to Vilnius, where she lives till this day.

Fania actively participated in the establishment of the Yiddish Institute at Vilnius University, worked there as a librarian, and gave tours of Jewish Vilnius to students of the institute's summer programs.

We heartily congratulate Fania Brantsovsky on her 100th birthday and wish her good health, nakhes and much joy!

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