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Yiddish language and culture are an integral part of the spiritual heritage of the Jewish people. For nearly 1000 years, Yiddish has been the spoken language of most European Jews and Jewish immigrants around the world. Before the outbreak of World War II, over 11 million people considered Yiddish the mother tongue on all continents.


The WJC International Yiddish Center relentlessly works in promoting Yiddish language and culture, offers intensive seminars and systematic study of Yiddish culture through online and offline learning. The Center initiates educational, research and study projects that explore various aspects of Yiddish culture. The Center targets all kinds of audiences - Jewish and non-Jewish educators, college and university students, members of Jewish communities and educational organizations, active Jewish leaders and the general public. The main goal of the Center is to familiarize with the Yiddish language and culture and transmit Yiddish national heritage to future generations.

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To make a contribution to the preservation of the Yiddish language and culture, the World Jewish Congress decided to establish the WJC International Yiddish Center in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Vilnius, otherwise called Vilna, was one of the main centers of Eastern European Jewish and Yiddish culture, known as the ‘Jerusalem of the North’, a place of Yiddish education, journalism, literature and theater. YIVO ‐‐ the first academic Institute for Yiddish research ‐‐ was established 90 years ago in Vilna. There are few places in the world more suitable for the revival and study of Yiddish culture and language than Vilnius.

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