About Us

Leading academics, teachers and experts from around the world and from centers such as the Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, New York University, Oxford University and the YIVO Insitute of Jewish Research in New York and Buenos Aires, Indiana University at Bloomington are invited to teach at the center, together with renowned academicians from institutions in Lithuania, Poland, Russia and others.

We offer the following topics in our program:

  • What does Yiddish have to say in the 21 century?
  • Topical aspects of Yiddish culture
  • Yiddish in the context of Jewish languages
  • Classic Yiddish literature
  • Educational points from Yiddish folklore
  • Yiddish literature masterpieces - Guided reading
  • Yiddish literature from the "shtetl" to the big city
  • Yiddish culture in the Soviet Union - impressive growth and dramatic setback.
  • Pearls of Yiddish Song
  • Chapters in the history of Yiddish theater and cinema
  • Holocaust literature in Yiddish
  • Yiddish and Yiddishkayt (Yiddish as an important part of Jewish tradition and identity)
  • Educational aspects of Yiddish culture
  • The influence of Yiddish on Jewish life, culture and traditions
  • Yiddish and multicultural Europe - yesterday, today and in the future.
  • There are also musical lectures with a Klezmer band, telling the musical history of the songs, their authors etc.

Target Group

  • Formal and informal Jewish educators and teachers of Jewish studies in Jewish day schools, Sunday schools, universities, Jewish Community Centers and distance learning programs.
  • Students and scholars of Jewish heritage, languages, sociolinguistics, literature, culture, folklore, history etc.
  • Individuals who are interested in researching their family histories and see Yiddish and other Jewish studies as an important link to their personal Jewish roots.
  • Seminars are open to public, jews and non-jews, who are interested to get acquainted with the rich Yiddish culture and heritage.

Jcv staff

  •  Viktorija Juse

    Viktorija Juse

    CEO / Director

  • Mordehay Yushkovsky

    Mordehay Yushkovsky

    Academic director

  • Viktorija Černakova

    Viktorija Černakova

    Program coordinator

  • Yiddish center

    Yiddish center