The Yiddish Podcast

Episode #8: "Is There a Place for Yiddish in Today's Cultural World?"

A conversation with Zisl Slepovitch, a musician, teacher, composer and performer of Yiddish songs.

In this series you will meet Zisl Slepovitch, a musician, composer, conductor, and teacher, whose professional interest is the Yiddish language in music. How did it happen that a young man born in Minsk at the time of "anti-Jewishness" became interested in Yiddish culture?

The collapse of the Soviet Union, which coincided with Zisl's bar mitzvah age, opened the door for him to expand his interest in both music and Yiddish culture, whose richness Zisl explored precisely through music. What influenced his growing interest in the language, which would later become one of his professions? Ilya Axelrod discusses it in this episode of the podcast with Zisl.