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The Yiddish Podcast

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Episode #4 "I'm from Yiddish"

Conversation with Moses Lemster - poet, teacher and researcher of the Yiddish language and literature. Although he has been living in Israel for 20 years, in his work he continues to glorify the landscapes, types, tastes and colors of Bessarabian Jewry, for which he received the nickname "Moldovan" of Jewish literature.

During the conversation, M. Lemster talks about what he considered as a native language and what language was acquired, and what were the circumstances for this to happen. He highlights the difference between Yiddish dialects, talks about his work with Yiddish in Moldova and Israel and of course about teaching Yiddish to those whose grandparents lived in this language. All this and much more you will learn by listening to the 4th episode of the Yiddish podcast.


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