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The Yiddish Podcast

Updated: May 26, 2022

Episode #2 : Nechama Lifshitz is the voice of the silenced Soviet Jewry.

The Yiddish Podcast is a soundtrack from the past, recorded in the present, and intended for the future. We talk to scholars, writers, performers, musicians, public figures, and all those who are invested in the Yiddish world. It is a series on Yiddish culture's great past, its vibrant present, and its promising future.

The guest of this issue is Roza Litai, daughter who keeps the traditions of the legendary Jewish singer Nechama Lifshitz.

During this conversation with Mordechai Yushkovsky and Ilya Axelrod, Rosa recalls her mother, a fragile woman who dared to sing in Yiddish even after the destruction of Jewish culture in the USSR. Roza describes the curious incidents in the career of Nechama Lifshitz with warmth. Yiddish and Hebrew were equally native languages for Nechama. Roza shares episodes of Nechama's life and answers various tricky questions, including why, already living in Israel, it was important for Nechama to sing in Yiddish and to keep the Jewish spark in the Israeli cultural landscape. She describes the relative happiness of life in Soviet Lithuania - a kind of "reserve" in which, even in Soviet times, Neсhama could speak Yiddish. And why, when Hebrew was outlawed, religion too, Yiddish remained the only thread connecting Jews with Jewry. What else is this episode about? You will surely learn something new.

Podcast is in Russian language.

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