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The fourth collection of poems by Moishe Lemster was published in Russian translation

Updated: May 5, 2022

Mordehay Yushkovsky

Moses (Moishe) Lemster is one of the most prominent modern writers in Yiddish. He is a bright representative of Jewish poets and writers group, which incredibly grew up in the 80s in the former Soviet Union, went through various vicissitudes of the last decades and continued faithful service to the Yiddish language and creativity in it in the 21st century.

Lemster is one of the Yiddish poets who writes a lot. His poems are also translated from Yiddish by famous translators into Russian, Romanian, and Hebrew.

Recently, his fourth poetry collection in last years has been published and translated into Russian.

In 2018, a collection of fairy tales for children "Where did grandmother go" was published. It was dedicated by Moses to the memory of his wife Larisa, who died suddenly. In 2019 a collection of poems "Bell in the Wind" was released, in 2020 "And I Once Was a God" (poems about love) - both in an authorized translation by Freddy Zorin.

And so, in 2022, "Erst arojs fun ojvn" (only from the oven) a new, beautifully designed book of poems by M. Lemster "A Jew in the Land of Wine and Love" appeared - translated by Valery Fokin, Freddy Zorin, Rudolf Olshevsky.

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