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Our Contribution to Limmud FSU Canada

Limmud is an educational conference about Jewish life for people of all ages and interests. It's about how people "Jewishly" connect with their inner selves, their local community and Jews around the world. On June 24-26 we invited two very bright personalities to present Yiddish culture at Limmud Canada - Ilya Axelrod from Tel Aviv, Israel, an artist, stand-up artist and radio show host, and Zisl Slepovitch from New York, USA, a musician, composer, researcher, representative of the Klezmer Litvakus music group.

Ilya at Limmud Canada presented a series of films about Yiddish culture, which he filmed for the International Yiddish Center at the World Jewish Congress. He shared his interest in Yiddish language and culture, the history of making these films, and what he was planning to make next. And Zisl gave a musical lecture about Slavic and other European elements in Ashkenazi musical tradition, and also gave a concert "Traveling the Yiddishland: a musical story".

Ilya's and Zisl's pefromances

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