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Dora Teitelboim

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

A Yiddish poet Dora Teitelboim (Dore Taytlboym) was born on December 14, 1914 in Brisk (Brest Litowsk), now Brest, Belarus.

She came from a poor family. At the age of twelve she took up writing verse.

In 1932 Dora emigrated to the United States, where she worked in a sweatshop and studied in evening teacher courses.

Then she taught in Yiddish schools run by the International "Arbeter Ring" (Labor Circle).

From 1940 she published poetry in such newspapers and magazines as "Morgn frayhayt", "Yidishe kultur", "Nay lebn" in New York; "Bay zikh" in Paris; "Yisroel shtime", "Letste nayes", and "Fraye Yisroel" in Tel Aviv.

In 1950 Dora Teitelboim moved to France, and in 1972 she settled in Israel.

Among her poetry books: "In mitn velt" ("In the midst of the world", New York, 1944); "Himl un erd" ("Heaven and earth", New York, 1947); "Mit oygn ofene" ("With eyes open", Buenos Aires, 1955); "Afn veg tsum mench" ("On the way to man", Warsaw, 1965); "Gezang fun zinkzamd-dor" ("Song of the quicksand generation, Tel Aviv, 1973); "Baym toyer fun meslesn" ("By the gate of days", Tel Aviv, 1979); "Erev baginen" ("On the eve of dawn", Tel Aviv, 1985).

"Dora Taytlboym poeticizes aloud," a critic D. Sfard wrote. "Her poetry is not only visionary and fantastically hyperbolic as it is, but also from what it must, according to her sense of things, initially be. The dialogue between the present and the past is dictated by an ethical imperative, and it is thus not simply description, but also warning and edification."

Translations of her poetry appeared in French, Hebrew, English, German, Russian, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

Dora Teitelboim passed away on July 22, 1992 in Paris.

The memorial Dora Teitelboim Center, a cultural and arts organization dedicated to keeping Yiddish culture alive and thriving for new generations, was opened in Coral Gables, Florida.

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