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"Yiddish Podcast"

The idea for the Yiddish Podcast project was born during the filming of our “Yiddish” film series. During the recording of each episode, new ideas would come up, we met new people, and we discovered even more unknown and fascinating stories. The team understood the value of what they were learning, and asked themselves, how can we bring Yiddish into everyone's home? How can we make Yiddish culture easily accessible? The answer: With the help of modern technology, of course. Such as a podcast. This is how the idea of recording a podcast was born. And here it is – the Yiddish Podcast. 


In this podcast the great cultural values that were created by Yiddish take on a new life. Every audio track revives those different facets, while the memory of those who created this culture are also immortalized. 


The Yiddish Podcast is a soundtrack from the past, recorded in the present, and intended for the future. We talk to scholars, writers, performers, musicians, public figures, and all those who are invested in the Yiddish world. It is a series on Yiddish culture's great past, its vibrant present, and its promising future.  

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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