Yiddish at the “Book of Generations” seminar in Novosibirsk

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On November 19, 2017, the World Jewish Congress International Yiddish Center representative, Professor Valery Dymshitz, provided two lectures at the "Book of Generations" seminar, which took place in the Israeli culture center in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Prof. Dymshitz of St. Petersburg University is a prominent explorer of Yiddish, translator, an author of over 100 publications. He told the audience a lot about East-European Yiddish literature. The subjects of his lectures were „History of Jews through the prism of Yiddish history" and "Yiddish and Jewish literature".

The hall, where the lectures had been held, was overcrowded; the organizers had to bring extra chairs. Over 100 people came to find out more about Yiddish culture and heritage. The audience included people of various ages, positions and backgrounds: youngsters, students, employees of Novosibirsk University and the local Institute of Linguistics and so on. Most of them had taken part at the project "Book of Generations" before, therefore topics of the lectures were interesting and informative to them in particular.

Thanks to deep knowledge of Yiddish culture, Valery Dymshitz managed to rivet the audience for 3 hours and a half. During the break between the lectures, the listeners overwhelmed Prof. Dymshitz with diverse questions related to Yiddish culture. Here are some of the participants' feedbacks.

Elena: "Thank you so much for giving us a possibility to listen to such lecturer. I have learnt lot more about this interesting Jewish language. For instance, it was a discovery for me to find out how significantly Slavic languages impacted Yiddish."

Victor: "I had a doubt whether to attend the lecture. Anyway, I did it and I never regret. Such a powerful insight into the history of nation! Valery didn't spoke about Yiddish as a separate entity, bus as an integral part of Jewish life and culture."

David: The time flew too quickly. It's a pity that the lecturer came to Novosibirsk just for a day. In case he comes in the future, I will come to his lectures for sure. This person both knows a lot and is able to tell it properly."