Seminar in Kherson for employees of Jewish organizations

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On March 19-20, 2019 the International Yiddish Center at the World Jewish Congress, assisted by the Jewish cultural center "Khesed Shemuel" in Kherson, Ukraine, held a seminar "Pearls of Yiddish Culture". This event was intended for employees of various Jewish organisations: coordinators, teachers, librarians, social workers, experts.

The WJC YC academic director, Dr. Mordechay Yushkovsky, provided lectures in the following subjects:

* Yiddish as a treasury of national memory of the Jewish people;

* Yiddish culture on the map of Ukraine;

* Dilemmas and conflicts in Jewish family through the prism of Yiddish culture;

* Secrets of Jewish humor.

It was with huge interest that the participants learned about their fellow countryman - the outstanding poet Shimon Frug, who was born in 1860 in the nearby Jewish agricultural colony of Bobrovyi Kut, and made his first literary steps in Kherson.

The seminar evoked lots of emotions and reminiscences. People broke into laughter and tears, recollecting their childhood and youth.

The participant Arkady Milgrom, 95, told that he had been grown up in the family, where only Yiddish was spoken. For 7 years he was studying in a Yiddish school. Therefore he was so happy to hear this language and to have an opportunity to speak in his native tongue.

At the end of the seminar, the director of the "Khesed Shemuel" center Mr Arkady Vainer on behalf of all members of Kherson Jewish community expressed the gratitude to the organizers and expressed his hope for further fruitful cooperation in the field of preserving and reviving the Yiddish language and culture.