Second lecture on Yiddish in the Holocaust museum of Odessa

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On June 2, 2019 the representative of the International Yiddish Center at the World Jewish Congress, Professor Alexander Doroshenko, provided the second lecture in the series "Yiddish yesterday, today and tomorrow".

It was intended for teachers, students, professionals and volunteers of the Holocaust museum in Odessa, and was held upon its request in the very Museum's premises.

The lecture was mostly based upon the content of Doroshenko's book "Atlantis of the Jews". During his lecture the professor described Jewish shtetls, their origin, development, organization, and vivid life within period of its prosperity (1790-1850), when the Jews served the heart of pan-European trade.

The narration was illustrated with numerous works of Jewish artists: T. Kaplan, S. Yudovin, I. B. Ziger and others.

The scholar reviewed an interesting phenomenon of defensive synagogues, their functions and structures. Special attention was paid to anonymous Jewish masters of painting and sculpture - members of the union "Culture League", the "Russian futurism" movement, and the "Paris' school" (Paris, 1905 – 1935), were leading masters originated from Jewish Shtetls (Marc Chagall, Natan Altman, Haim Sutin).