WJC YC at the Yiddish Day in Romania

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On May 30, 2018 a Day of Yiddish was officially celebrated in Romania. The high-ranked representative of the World Jewish Congress International Yiddish Center, professor Wolf Moskovich, took an active part in the event.

The date has been recently approved by the Romanian parliament as the Day of Yiddish, to appreciate the major contribution of Yiddish-speaking Romanian Jews to the culture of Romania. Such day is going to be marked yearly.

This year, rich academic, theatrical and musical programs were conducted in the towns of Suceava and Rădăuți (their traditional Yiddish names being Shatz and Radevits respectively) not only on May 30, but from May 29 till June 2.

Our representative, prof. Wolf Moskovich, greeted the audience in the name of WJC YC in two languages: Yiddish and Romanian. He spoke on the importance of the Czernowitz Yiddish Conference (1908) as a rallying point of the Yiddishist movement. The professor stressed the decisive contribution of Bucovina Jews in enhancing and spreading the idea of the Yiddish civilisation.

On May 29, the academic part of the celebration, conducted in the Bucovina town of Suceava, included four presentations on Yiddish culture, literature, press and theater. In the second talk, on May 30 in Rădăuți, prof. Moskovich spoke on the unique Holocaust witness account on deported Rădăuți Jews' life in Transnistria camps, written in Yiddish as a diary by the one of the deportees between 1941 - 1944.

The second lecture at this session on May 30 was delivered by a local teacher, Mr. Daniel Hrenciuk. He talked on the contribution of Rădăuți Jews to the local economy, political and social life and culture.

The academic gatherings were well attended by local residents, inclusing and students. Chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania, Mr. Aurel Vainer, as well as heads of various Jewish communities of Romania and the chief Rabbi of that country, also participated.

Dr. Mykola Kushnir, the director of the Museum of Bucovina Jews in Chernivtsi, Ukraine (80 km from Suceava), came to the Day of Yiddish following prof. Moskovich's invitation.

Mr. Robert Schorr, the Head of the Jewish community of Suceava, expressed his gratitude to WJC Yiddish Center and to prof. Moskovich personally for the high level of the lectures.

After the event, WJC YC got a thank-you letter from the organizers. Mr. Vainer expressed his will to continue the cooperation with our Center on the annual Days of Yiddish in Romania.