Evening devoted to Yiddish in Odessa language and songs

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On March 12, 2018 the World Club of Odessa Natives hosted an event "Se tit zikh khoyshekh /It gets dark, everything gets confused/ – the Odessa language and Yiddish influence on it", organized by this club in cooperation with the International Yiddish Center at the World Jewish Congress.

That was a truly entertaining evening, featuring the Odessa klezmer band "Maminy deti" ("Mom's children"). Its main idea was to present the Yiddish language by means of Odessa songs and stories about them.

In a warm, almost homely atmosphere, "Maminy deti", led by Alexey Semenishchev and Valery Chernis, presented the history of Odessa songs, features and origins of the unique Odessa "language" and humor.

Felix Kochricht - a famous TV journalist, writer and publisher and researcher of the Odessa folklore – served as an anchorman. Elena Pavlova, the director of the World Club of Odessa natives, also greeted the audience.

The participants pointed out that despite major changes Odessa has undergone in the recent decades, any Odessite who gets to another country or city, immediately attracts attention due to his/her colorful, florid, witty speech manner, which is absolutely impossible to reproduce on purpose.

The audience frequently joined the band while performing their favorite songs, containing lots of Yiddish words and idioms. Each song was introduced by a short talk about its history and meaning.