​WJC YC at the Purim Spiel in Klaipėda, Lithuania

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Upon request and invitation of the chairman of Klaipėda (Western Lithuania) Jewish community Feliks Puzemskiy, the World Jewish Congress International Yiddish Center sent its delegates to the Purim Spiel in Klaipėda JC for providing a lecture-concert "Yiddish songs – songs of Jewish soul".

This event was held at the premises of local JC on February 28, 2018. About 50 people gathered at the concert hall of the community. WJC YC was represented by the professional musicians Boris Kirzner (violin) and Mikhail Yablonsky (guitar).

The Purim celebration was opened by chanting Megillat Esther by Rabbi Sholom Ber Krynski of Habad Lubawitch.

Then the entertainers provided a rich program including various songs in Yiddish, created in different periods and circumstances. Each item was accompanied by explanations about derivation of each song, its history, contents, and meaning.

The performance of YC representatives, Boris Kirzner and Mikhail Yablonsky, triggered the audience, which comprised the local community members and their relatives, to join the appearance: they formed a circle and broke into dance.

The event finished with a festive dinner and a friendly common talk.