Preliminary seminar for Israeli educators in Jerusalem & Holon

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On March 6-8, 2018, a preparatory seminar was held in Jerusalem and Holon for 24 local teachers, members of the Irgun Amorim trade union, who were due to take part in a future seminar on March 22-24 in Vilnius.

All the lectures - two in Jerusalem and one in Holon - were provided by the WJC Yiddish Center academic director, Dr, Mordechay Yushkovsky.

The lectures' subjects were as follows: "Yiddish culture and its pedagogical aspects"; "Three classics of Yiddish literature - common and differences in their work"; "Conflicts and dilemmas in Jewish families in the light of Yiddish literature".

The lectures focused on methods of acquainting Israeli students with basic values of Yiddish culture, with works of Yiddish literature relevant to Israeli youth.

Values, which educate young Israelis to feel their connection with spiritual history of the Jewish people, connection with previous generations and better understanding of their hopes and aspirations, were discussed at the lectures.

The Holon lecture took place at Khankin College, where the permanent courses for advanced training of school teachers are functioning. 52 people attended Dr. Yushkovsky's last lecture: teachers as well as representatives of general public.