Yiddish lecture at the Moscow seminar for the Holocaust researchers

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On January 21, 2018 the participants of the program "Memory. Help. Generations", coordinated by the Moscow Jewish Community Center at Nikitskaya Street, took part at the seminar for the staff and coordinators of JCC Moscow.

It was a common project of the WJC International Yiddish Center in Vilnius and JCC Nikitskaya in Moscow. The lecture "What has Yiddish to say in 21st century?" was provided by WJC YC Academic Director, Dr. Mordechay Yushkovsky.

The lecturer stressed that a unique huge cultural treasury has been compiled in Yiddish throughout a millennium. It still exists, but is hardly available for most contemporary Jews, as merely a tiny part of them still has a command of this language. It is very important to know Yiddish so that its cultural phenomenon would be attainable to present and future generations.

The event was held in Moscow at the Nikitskaya Jewish community center, located in a 19th century mansion, reknown for its warm atmosphere. For some of the participants it was the third time they listened to M. Yushkovsky's lectures, but each time his talk seems to be absolutely different from the previous ones.

A few subjects have been touched in brief during the lecture: the lecturer spoke about history and identity of the language (illustrating with vivid expressions and examples), about writers and creations in Yiddish, about theatre and fate of Yiddish in the USSR. Multiple times the idea of immortalizing the Holocaust victims through their personal lives has been mentioned. These lives, entirely swept away from our planet, are absolutely different from the contemporary life and culture existing now in Israel or anyway else. Anyway, contemporary achievements are tightly bound with Yiddish language and culture, which are worth of revival.