Yiddish lecture-concert at the Limmud session in Lviv

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On November 2-4, 2018 a session of the "Limmud" project for Jewish activists and educators from ex-USSR was held in Lviv (Lvov), Ukraine. As a significant part of its program, a big concert of two representatives of the WJC Yiddish Center Maryna Yakubovich (vocal) and Lev Sandiuk (piano) took place on November 3.

Over 600 members of Jewish communities from Ukraine and other countries of FSU gathered to take part in more than 120 seminars, lectures, presentations, excursions and workshops, given by an array of international and local speakers.

During the concert of the representatives of the WJC Yiddish Center the hall was overcrowded. The performers introduced songs in Yiddish, though this time, unlike our previous programs, there were more contemporary pieces on Israel motifs and songs of longing for Zion, which were dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel.

Bilingual Hasidic songs (Russian – Yiddish and Ukrainian – Yiddish) were performed in the concert with MarinaYakubovich's descriptions of each piece.

The festive and vibrant atmosphere dominated during the concert. Actually, all the audience was singing niguns (traditional Hasidic songs) along with the performers; many of them formed a circle and broke into a dance in the hall.

Upon requests of the audience, the concert was resumed informally at the hotel lobby and lasted until late at night.