Yiddish lectures in Jerusalem for Lithuanian school teachers

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On July 24, 2018 the academic director of the International Yiddish Center at the World Jewish Congress, Dr. Mordechay Yushkovsky, delivered a series of lectures about Yiddish culture to 26 teachers and school principals who had specially come from Lithuania to the Jerusalem memorial institute for Holocaust research "Yad Vashem".

That was the fourth seminar in a row for the teachers from various educational institutions of Lithuania. It was mainly dedicated to tragedy and lessons of the Holocaust.

The Lithuanian guests listened to Dr. Yushkovsky talks about Yiddish language and culture, their role in investigation and perpetuation of the Holocaust. Special attention had been paid to the Yiddish culture in Lithuania and the special place of Vilne/Vilnius in the historical collective memory of the Jewish people. The lectures were illustrated with a visual presentation.

The latter aspect aroused particular interest among Lithuanian teachers; they vowed to do their best to find a way of applying this subject in their educational activities. In the framework of the vivid discussion, lots of questions and requests for available translations of Yiddish literature into Lithuanian or Russian have been submitted.

The list of works of Yiddish writers-"Litvaks", such as Moishe Kulbak, Chaim Grade, Avrom Karpinovich, Avrom Sutzkever, Shmerke Kocherginsky and others, has been recommended to the audience. For most listeners, these names were absolutely unfamiliar; nevertheless the listeners realized that literature created by these Jewish authors in Lithuania and about Lithuania is an integral part of the cultural heritage of their country.

The teachers expressed their hope for further cooperation with the Yiddish center in Vilnius, where they will be able to receive methodological aid in everything related to familiarizing with the Yiddish language and culture.