Historical calendar: 2018

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In the Yiddish culture and history, the year 2018 is remarkable for:

- 70th anniversary of the tragic death of the outstanding theater and cinema figure, actor & director Solomon (Shloyme) Mikhoels, assassinated by Stalin's accomplices in Minsk (then USSR, now Belarus);

- 110th anniversary of the Czernowitz Conference, which recognized Yiddish as a language of the Jewish people;

- 50th anniversary of the publication of the English-Yiddish & Yiddish-English dictionary by Uriel Weinreich in New York - the first lexicographic publication reflecting the modern era of the Yiddish tongue development;

- 100th anniversary of the emergence of the young writers' association "Yung Yiddish" in Łódź, Poland;

- 100th anniversary of founding of the Yiddish newspaper "Der Emes" ("The Truth") in Moscow.