Workshop on Yiddish theater in Buenos Aires

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The international workshop on Yiddish theater for general Jewish public was held in Buenos Aires on November 7-11, 2018. This project was carried out thanks to close cooperation between the International Yiddish Center at the World Jewish Congress and the Fundación IWO Argentina.

More than 200 people from Buenos Aires and its vicinities attended the event. The seminar met its goals in promoting awareness of Yiddish theater and language. Here are short descriptions of the lectures and shows the seminar comprised.

"Buenos Aires as the capital of Yiddish theater" - a lecture provided by Silvia Hansman focused on the role of Buenos Aires during the XIX - XXI centuries and presented a survey of archival resources for the study of genres in Yiddish theater.

"Modern Yiddish Theater" – a talk given by the IWO Argentina director, Professor Abraham Lichtenbaum, devoted to the history of Yiddish theater, its European roots and literary sources.

"Great Yiddish performers" – a talk given by Shane Baker on his point of view to Yiddish theater trough the lives and work of Luba Kadison and Yoseph Buloff.

"Hands on Yiddish theater" - a workshop given by Shane Baker, who shared appropriate tools taken from different performing methods, traditional recitation techniques, gestures and stage movements.

Shane Baker and the pianist Esteban Dansker in "Mitzi Manna unique and exclusive presentation of her endless world farewell tour" - a performance of songs and poems of Yiddish kleinkunst (variety theater art) repertoire.

"Fun ales dos beste" – "From each thing - the best! Big and small genres of Yiddish theater". Texts of the main authors of Yiddish theater: Halpern, Lutzki, Leyvik, Molodovski, and others. An innovative show with texts, melodies and gestures of the classical Yiddish repertoire. It included tribute to performers of Yiddish theater, such as Yoseph Buloff and Hertz Grosbart. The performance was accompanied by the musician Zulema Benveniste (vocal and accordion).

The participants expressed interest in a new edition of this International IWO workshop early next year. 10 people are expected to continue as a Yiddish theater group at IWO.