Yiddish pearls for the lecturers of Catholic University in Lvov

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On December 14, 2017, the WJC YC academic director Dr. Mordechay Yushkovsky, upon invitation of the humanities department of the Catholic University in Lvov (Lviv), Ukraine (initiated by professor Alexander Zaitsev), provided two lectures there within the framework of the University's seminar dedicated to various subjects of intellectual history.

Five months earlier, Prof. Zaitsev and some of his colleagues took part at the Vilnius' seminar for the "Tkuma" institute. That seminar awakened his interest in the Yiddish culture, so he invited Dr. Yushkovsky to join their event in Lvov. The audience consisted of deans, heads of departments, professors, senior lecturers, and PhD students.

Dr. Yushkovsky talked on the subjects: "Yiddish as a treasury of national and universal historical memory" and "Shtetl as a cultural-sociological phenomenon of the Jewish people in East Europe". Both lectures gained excellent feedback.

It should be mentioned that the Catholic University in Lvov is one of just three universities in Ukraine which offer judaica courses. Yiddish is taught there, too.