​Lectures about Yiddish for professionals of Jewish organizations in Dnipro

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On November 12, 2017, our representative Dr. Natalia Ryndiuk - Yiddish teacher and researcher at the "Kiev-Mohyla Academy" National University - delivered two lectures within the international project "Sefer haDorot" (Book of Generations), in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro (former Yekaterinoslav, then Dnepropetrovsk).

The lectures have been organized by the World Jewish Congress International Yiddish Center and by the Israeli cultural center in Dnipro, aiming to provide the audience with Jewish historical background as well as with Yiddish cultural and linguistic knowledge.

Natalia's lectures dealt with the following topics: "Jewish Treasury of National Historical Memory"; "The Book of Generations: Yiddishland. The History of Ukrainian Jewry between Two World Wars".

47 people attended the event, among them the project participants, representatives of Israeli cultural center and local Jewish community.

Both lectures included notes to linguistic and cultural history of Yiddish and Jews in Central-Eastern Europe, especially in Ukraine, old photos from ethnographic expeditions, Jewish postcards, materials from the Soviet magazine for Jewish young pioneers "Freyd" (Joy), samples of Soviet Jewish folklore and poems, etc.

Dr. Ryndiuk cited fragments from texts of Yiddish classical writers (Mendele Moykher Sforim, Y. L. Peretz, Sholom Aleichem) and cultural activists (S. An-sky, Sh. Dubnov). The lectures were conducted in a friendly manner, accompanied by questions, answers and jokes. The audience has been motivated to learn more and more about Yiddish language, culture and history.